The film made by Brynjar Sigurðarson, ECAL professor and designer, went a long way towards making the project intelligible, notably by focusing on the spectacular and extremely physical nature of what goes on in
a glass blowing studio.

“The initial idea was very basic, to document the students’ projects during Hot Tools with Matteo Gonet. Being at the workshop you start to notice all these weird, almost mystical scenes: a bucket on the floor, full of boiling water, tools that could rather belong to a butchers and materials that look like leftovers from a construction site. It’s a very different world from my everyday environment, where in the centre of the scene the glass­blower swings a metal pipe with 10kg of molten glass at 800°C on the end of the pipe. The students did the rest, and my only role was to be sincerely curious about what they were doing and then to convey that curiosity in the form of a video.

Hot Tools

Brynjar Sigurðarson